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Designed to destroy.

All rights reserved. © Custranz 2015.

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 Welcome to Custranz, an internationally acclaimed independent creative studio alive with experimentation and intuitive design. All our stock photos were taken with a natural black background and shot in natural light, we don't believe in light-boxes or editing our photos. How you see our products here is an indication of how you will see them in your own home. We have never edited our photos and we never will. A very different story for our studio produced artwork imagery that has been created by the resident digital ninja..

Thanks firstly to God, for blessing me with creativity, and for his guidance, Thanks to Jesus for saving me. Thanks to my wonderful wife Danni and our 4  kids Hallie, Phoenix, Charlie and Summer-Raye for their unconditional love and support.  Thanks to my brother Darren and my mum for their hard earned cash 'investment'. Thanks to Topher for the original logo design. Thanks to Reprolabels for their amazing stickers and support.


Thank you for looking & any purchases made!


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"I want to punch you because Carrion is so amazing..... The pictures are good, but in person is a whole different story. I seriously was scared to look at it after 2 seconds. That is a damn soul crushing, life altering piece of madness you made!! The colors, the stickers..... man. REALLY has me wanting another....And good lord the artwork and the hard as hell to open kung fu packaging is an awesome addition. Now I gotta calm down ....you need to put warning labels on these things....I love it!! Turns opening the box into a real experience, instead of just a simple cut/removal. You have some good things going man. I want MORE!!!...... I thought at first that I was over reacting, because I am a lover of black and orange....But truth be told, this custom is a masterpiece. The color scheme sounds odd if you say it out loud, but fits together perfect, especially with those stickers and that wicked black Con symbol....I opened Carrion, and it is abso fucking lutely the most devastating cassette I have ever seen...... no joke, Carrion is fucking unreal."


"Stickers are amazaballs!!"


"The 1/1 whitenoise i have to say. amazing job, i haven't been this impressed with a custom for long while! really impressive  work..."


 "excellent addition to any collection.."


"dude siren is AMAZING"


"great packaging,another quality custom, many thanks"


"AWESOME job it looks official"


"Awesomazing. worth every penny! and more!"


 "Colors and textures are spot on...cute package has a lot of love embedded in the work..The packaging is a must i found it amusing. Dude the presentation was great"


 "I love it, Its one of my favourite designs...overall 10/10 on quality. great job."


"Fantastic set of labels,highly recommended MOAR PLEASE!!"